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Spice Essentials: Beef/Pork Smoker Dry Rub

Sunday, June 2, 2019

/ by martha
Andy Anderson ! has posted Spice Essentials: Beef/Pork Smoker Dry Rub
"I have many different dry rubs. This one is designed to work with cuts of pork, and beef, over the low/slow times usually associated with smoking. It helps to generate a nice ?bark? on things like beef and pork, but I would not recommend it for pan frying, or high-heat oven baking. I have other rubs for that. When the smoking season starts (which it has), I usually make several batches of this spicy rub, and keep it handy. Hint: It really shines, when used on pork. So, you ready? Let?s get into the kitchen."

Pinch It!

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