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non vegetarian

Apple Cider Vinegar Finger Jello

Friday, June 7, 2019

/ by martha
Nicole Bredeweg has posted Apple Cider Vinegar Finger Jello
"The vote is still out about how much apple cider vinegar helps in your overall health. 'Everyone' says it's good for you, but a little bit of research shows that maybe it does nothing. For many, it's too much acid. What I know is that it DOES help me. I find it easier to live a healthy eating lifestyle if I just have some ACV early in my day. I used to make a tea mixture, but one thing that most articles say is that extended use will damage the teeth (yep, I had my first filling in YEARS). Then, someone handed me this recipe. Problem solved, hopefully! Adjust the stevia to taste"

Pinch It!

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